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A Leading Graded Cast Iron, Grey Iron Casting, SG Iron Casting & Alloy Cast Iron Casting Manufacturing FOUNDRY Unit in India. Casting for Valve Industry, Pump Industry, Railways, Defense, Sugar Mill, Motor-Body Parts, Machine Tool Casting

Foundry Equipments

1 MELTING FURNACE Induction Furnaces Electrotherm Make 250 KW Medium Freq.
Crucible  Eletrotherm Make 500 Kg. - 2 Nos.
Cupola Furnes 36 Dia. Divided Blast - 5 Nos.
0142 Dia. Divided Blast - 1 Nos.
2 MATERIAL TESTING Wet Lab To measure necessary elements for Grey & Alloy CI
Ferro Lab Suyash Make Ferro lab,
3 Analytical channels
Harness and Tensile strength measuring facility, Immersion type pyrometer for Temp. Measurement
Harness Tester Fine Testing Machines Make, Model TKB-3000, Poldy Hardness Tester
Micro Structure Analysis Microscope with CCD camera, supported with image analysis software
3 PATTERN MAKING Facility In-house facility for pattern mounting on Match Plate, Pattern dimensional inspection and Pattern Shop equipped with surface table. Vernier Height Gauge, Angle Plate and all other necessary instruments and tools are aavailable. We have tied up with few professional pattern shops in the vicinity for development of new patterns.
4 FULLY EQUIPED SAND TESTING LAB WITH EQUIPMENTS LIKE Sand Siever. Mechanised with vibratory mounting supported with electronic weighing scale
Moisture Tester Kelsons Make Rapid along with balancing weigh and measuring aids
Universal Testing  M/c. Kelsons make UTM for checking GCS and GTS of prepared sand
Permiability Tester Kelsons make permeability meter along with sand rammer for making specimen and various orifice
Mould Hard.  Tester Kelsons make Spring loaded, can check mould hardness Up to 100
Core Hard. Tester Kelsons make Spring loaded, can check Core hardness Up to
Hot Plate Sedco Brand with Individual Temp. Control, size 508 X 305mm
Hot Air Oven Kelson Repid Drier
Conveyor 1 Knock Out conveyor 600mm wide hear resistive Speed 10m /Min
Bucket Elevator Handling cap. 5 tons of sand per hour, ht. 9mtrs.
Sand Cooler Capacity 5 tons per Hr., @temp. 20 above from ambient temp.
Storage Hopper Storage Hopper Capacity 50 tones
Feeder Belt 600mm wide, Speed 20mts. Per Min.
Sand Mixer Fully automatic Intensive Mixer 500Kg. Capacity, Cycle time 3 Min.- 2 Nos.
Control Panel Fully equipped control panel having control over time limits and sensors
6 CORE MAKING Core Processes Manual Core making we have Co2. & No Back, Shell etc processes to make cores in house.
Sand Mixers Capacity 300 Kg. Cycle time 3 Min.   2 Nos.
Core Plates Cast Iron Plates 760 X 410 – 120
Sell Core Shooter Susa Make - 3 Nos.
Fixtuers Core Rubbing and Pasting Fixtures as Required from Component to component
7 MOULDING DEPARTMENT Moulding M/C Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze Moulding Machine equivalent to Model ARP 450 – 2 Nos.
Maximum Size 1250mm x 650mm x 350mm
Capacity 30 Moulds Per Hr.
Moulding Boxes We Equipped with Cast iron Moulding boxes with SS Guide Bushes, Various inner Sizes as requirments.
8 FETTLING & GRINDING Pedestal Grinders 3 H.P. , 2800 RPM, with flexible shafts of various length   6 nos.
Fettling Tools Chiesels of various shapes and sizes as required by the geometry of the component
Hand Grinders Wolf make hand grinders 1H.P. 3200RPM can be utilized for grinding corners  8 Nos.
9 SHOT BLASTING M/C Type T type hanger Shot Blasting Machine, Tumb Blast Shot Machine to clean our casting in fast & better way.
Max. Weight 500 Kg. Single Piece
Impeller 2 nos. impellers, 2800 RPM, blasting angle 45’, with 4 blade and direction controller
Prod. Rate 4 to 5 Tons per Hour